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Me and myself

Hello hello !

I'm Cristina, one dreamy girl, born in the Republic of Moldova, that developed a love for drawing in Transylvania, Romania.

I take my inspiration from everything that surrounds me, nature, people, moods, dreams, music ... and nature again.

When I was a kid, my mom used to have the whole appartment full of plants, but back then I didn't like them so much, so I used to tell her "noot anotheer flower, pleaase!"... but now, here I am, in love with all of them, with a lot of plants in my little house that has a little garden, feeling happy and inspired by every little leaf.

Drawing leaf by leaf, day by day, I've developed some kind of an artistic mood in which I'm making these illustrations.

I've graduated the University of Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca, where I've earned a Master's Degree in Graphics and a Bachelor's Degree in Design.

I've worked as a designer at a home&deco company from Cluj, until I've decided to be a freelance illustrator and to be on my own.

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For now, I'm based in Cluj-Napoca, a lovely romanian city from which I’m sending you love in an envelope together with my illustration.

I hope you enjoy my website and I wish you a super duper happy day!

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