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I'm Cristina, a freelance illustrator from Romania.

(also a half time dreamer and a full time mom)


I appreciate the simple things

and because of that, through my illustration, I would like to send a kind reminder about the simple beautiful things and feelings from our everyday lives.


I take my inspiration from everything that surrounds me,

nature, people, moods, dreams, music but especially from my everyday feelings and thoughts.

Drawing leaf by leaf, day by day, I've developed some kind of an artistic mood in which I'm making the illustrations.


I've graduated the University of Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca, Romania, where I've earned a Master's Degree in Graphics and a Bachelor's Degree in Design.


My favourite comissioned projects I’ve worked on, were for: Epson, Ototo, One Night Gallery, Liliac Winery, Carturesti,  Roots Urban Tastery, Monogram Chania, Mug Stories, Humans Social House, Regina Maria, Editura Nemira.


I hope you enjoy my art work and I wish you a super duper happy day!

P.S.: for more stories about me and my work, you can follow me on instagram: @cristina.frei 

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